*2 Complimentary exams and 1 set of X-rays per person enrolled in the program*
Over a $300 value per person annually
Plus 20% off all other dental services

**Individual Plans only $49.99/yr**
**Family Plans only $99.95/yr**
**Corporate Plans starting at only $149.95/yr**

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One of the lowest costs in the industry with some of our plans starting out at less than $1.00 per month per person
Quick Activation
No waiting periods
Find a list of elite dental providers in your area
No yearly caps
No insurance submissions
NOT DENTAL INSURANCE... but so much better!
Dental Network Program was started by an association of dentists that felt that regular dental insurance has several disadvantages for the dentist and the consumer. Instead of having the insurances dictate Doctors' fees and then having the clients pay high coverage cost, why not work together and pass on all the savings to the client straight from the dentist. Within our network, you will find a list of Elite Dental providers that are willing to pass on to you, over $300.00 in complementary dental services per year, per person, plus an additional 20% off of all the dental procedures performed at their office. By using this program most members have found they save over $700.00 per year over their traditional dental insurance. If you are ready to start saving money by receiving great dental care from one of our Elite providers, then contact us to join the dental wave of the future.